Thursday, 10 February 2011

Wedding Ideas - Favours

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Candle in a jar

Coasters: Map out places you travelled to or places that mean something to you


By now you may have sensed my repulsion for  irrelevant  and ugly favours like a big photo of the newly weds on a keyring - bucket please! What makes you think your guests would like a photo of you in their handbag all day long? Favours have to be thoughtful.You can still have pens, coasters and the traditional wedding favours, but we challenge you to be a bit more creative so your guests will be happy to keep.....not chuck them in the bin. Let's be honest, we are all guilty of getting rid of a pointless favour.

Here's 1 or 2 things you can do. Host a" tea party" for the bridal party and do refrain from getting them under the influence as it might totally undermine your  brainstorming plans. As long as the scones are forthcoming so will the fantastic ideas. Whatever you do, leave Mummy Dearest,  or your "never -had-a-boyfriend "cousin of 28 going on 67,  out of this,as it might lead to you committing the favour monstrosity that we have  been ranting about.Take Mummy to the flea markets instead and hunt for beautiful gems that your guests will cherish.

 Do us a "favour" and find a creative favour! If you are choosing a pen, find a quirky, cool or pretty one! I'd want to keep it and so will you guests.

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