Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Wedding colours

 Different ways of working with Pink
I was so inspired by the author of the blog - A Creative Mint that I used some of her photos to add kudos to this subject. Like me she is a mother of 2, but unlike me she actually has a degree in architecture, interior design and finishing school , which makes her the perfect  expert  on wedding colours.  So  over the next couple of days I will help myself and any potential  wedding nerd to understand how to see wedding colours in a different way. 

When brides come to me, they have an idea of their favourite colour, but I think the time has come for us to play with colour palettes and take our wedding designing and creativity up a notch. Now pink is one of the dangerous  colours with a tendency of being cringe worthy, so I vow to you today that as a reader , you will never again commit such a monstrosity. 

Here are different ways of doing pink..........

Delicate Pink and ........

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