Monday, 7 February 2011

wedding dresses

Jane Glass a 25-year-old model bought a record 9 gowns at a cost of more than £20,000 for her wedding. Earning around £60,000 a year, she could afford to  pay for eight of the nine frocks herself at a total cost of £12,370. The ninth and most expensive was a £5,500 designer creation, bought by mum and dad, French-born investment bankers!  After the wedding she sold 5 on ebay and gave 3 to charity!

Now let's be honest, if you could actually afford to over indulge in some frockage frivolity, wouldn't you? Think ultimate designer gown festival!  

If you are anything like me you'd be rubbing your hands in glee thinking... Come ON!!!!! Rich I am not but stylish on a budget I sure am! My problem is,  and I am sure most girls over the age of 30 are with me on this one, I still struggle to find a wedding guest outfit under £150! Now if I were Mrs Glass born to investment banker parents, could you just imagine what type of frocks I'll have on the rack? Let me explain why variety is an absolute necessity in a girl's world?

The ultimate girlie girl has mood swings every 5 seconds throughout the day (scientific facts according to me). She will have the "how I feel on the day" pseudo-dilemma, which gets her into such an indecisive mode and if she's not careful leaves her settling for the wrong outfit! Each outfit will have an issue of it's own, too tight around the waist, makes me look frumpy, too much.... the list goes on! Then your man walks in  with" I liked the red one better."

 The other possibility is this.... just after you and your like-minded" let's forget the recession and indulge in some retail therapy" girlfriend are retiring from a lengthy shopping trip, you spot a hottie of a dress. Try it on and you look like something out of vogue magazine on your way to Cannes! You know this because every single woman in the changing room have their eyes fixated on you! Now if cash is your problem, you just have to hang your head in shame as you disappoint yourself along with all the other ladies that have  just mentally willed you to get the dress!

In light of all this, imagine what clothes shopping will be like with a wallet the size of ... Loch Ness Monster. The only thing I question here is the practicality of the changing into several outfits. Can you imagine? It will be catastrophic.....almost like backstage of London Fashion week.......not that I have ever been back stage but hey, a girls gotta have fantasies.

Well, Mrs Glass, although along with all the moral high standers I'd love to frown at such opulence, I have to resolve to the adage" some people were born with a silver spoon in their mouths " which gives you  my friend licence to shop. If you ever need a friend born with a disposable plastic spoon in their mouth, I am here for you.


The lucky girl with many beautiful dresses!!! You looked absolutely gorgeous!

Photography courtesy of Sarolta Wedding Photography


  1. It makes such a nice change in reading a positive response to this story. We had a pleasure of photographing Helene at her beautiful wedding in France and witnessing all 9 of her dresses. Unfortunately the wedding photographs in the newspapers and website don't do her justice. She's such a lovely, friendly, highly educated, well wishing person. She just happened to have this dream of a fairytale wedding, which for her meant as many dresses as she could possibly get in and out on her wedding day. As she's bridal model, she's used to getting in and out of the dresses in no time at all. Each dress must have taken her 5 min max to put on.
    Her full wedding album can be found on our website:

  2. Hi Kristina,
    Just seen the pictures.... she looks amazing . Do you mind if I post a link to your site?

  3. This is fantastic!!! you're really inspirational; keep on going