Thursday, 24 February 2011

Wedding inspiration and ideas

I left the city but it never left me

Popped into Central London for a meeting this morning and the exciting buzz of working in the city came back to me. It was like I had never to trot in my ...... heels, blackberry at hand, Chanel Madmoiselle smelling, Carmex lips... I looked every inch the corporate girl. Nothing much had changed except  for a few structural developments here and there! But O..... I  met and fell in love with Oh Comely. It was love at first sight! This is a magazine about people and their quirks and creativity rather than what money can buy- IRONIC! I would love to get in touch as they are right up my street. Before, I would have snapped a copy of Hello or OK... you know, the usual media obsessed glossies, but I went for Oh Comely!

So it's midnight and here I am  in the confines of my home office in suburbia.  Today, I learned that I had not missed out on anything and  saw traces of my creative ideas every where. In fact these were ideas I had thought of months ago!This proved to me that taste, creativity and style is innate and that I had made the right decision of quitting my job despite the insurmountable odds of making it as a recognised wedding / party consultant.

 Take the Candy theme as an example. I came up with this idea last July (2010). As a party inspiration  I framed cards with pictures of sweeties on them for props on dessert stations. So could you imagine how I felt when I walked into WH Smith in Victoria to see framed images of sweeties plastered all over their stationary section TODAY? This reassured me that I mustn't second guess myself. I am just as creative and smart as any of these overpaid creative professionals.

I even treated myself to a trilby hat that matched the colour palette of lemon yellow grey and brown from yesterday's post! In the words of  Pablo Picasso " Inspiration exists, it just has to find you working."

So your own inspirations and if you are lacking in that department turn to AandRparty UK!

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