Monday, 14 February 2011

Wedding Invitations

What wedding invitation best suits your style and wallet?

For most a wedding invitation is a bog standard booklet with fancy calligraphy, design and card paper mailed out to wedding guests ahead of the celebrations. Although this sounds quite simple to the less discerning, a woman of style will definitely aspire to produce one that suits her style and outshines all the others she has come across . Some brides are quite happy with any invitation as long as it fits the budget. For the creative girl, who thrives on authenticity, there might be a tendency for costs to spiral out of control. So what is a reasonable budget for wedding invitations?

My Big Fat Wedding Invitation

A friend of a friend came back from a destination wedding in Jaipur India. The girl who got married
happened to be the daughter of one of India's wealthiest businessmen. Her father owns an airline and a telecomunication/ mobile phone network. Point being no expenses spared.

The invitation was a mere sample of the detail, wealth, beauty and opulence of the 4 day event. It was a box the size of a shoe box with several compartments inside. There were invitations for all 4 events with descriptions on the significance of each event, there was also a book briefly explaining the pillars of the brides's religion. To finish it all off each guest was given a mobile which has been specially programmed by the service provider. The phone had detailed information, on where to shop, sightsee, restaurants, hotels, taxi services. 

What will the average girl with less cash have chosen for a destination wedding?

These little treasures from Etsy can achieve all the clever ideas from our fancy gadget idea of a wedding invitation. You could also include detailed information on where to shop, eat, site seeing, lodge and so on.


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