Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Wedding Venue

Wedding Style
Yesterday's  guest blogger, Claudia de Brito author of Culture Consumer set the pace for this topic with her views on wedding themes. A theme, should reflect both you and your partner's style and no...... you do not have to be on trend! So it's 2am and I am going to attempt defining style and trend!

I'll use girlie fashion, a world I am au fait with, as an analogy. If  you are a girl in your 30's or late 20 something and constantly feel compelled to get a copy of Grazia  for outfit inspiration I will put this down to 2 things. It's either, you're not your usual confident self and haven't got your style on and will use a bit of inspiration, which is is totally fine, so chill. We all know and accept that every now and again even the most stylish will suffer from a case of shopping brain malfunction and invest in a distasteful piece of tart for the home or wardrobe.  We call those pieces or moments"  forget me pleases". That makes you stylish ish!

If on the other hand you worship glossies, fashion blogs and religiously refer to the look book tab of your favourite sites for trend forecasting, you my friend, are trendy ! The latter category could also include the misguided - for you, seeking inspiration from the experts is totally justified. What you may also need in you life is either a stylist or a true friend, that's obviously stylish, trendy or both.

Style therefore is anything that makes you look and feel good! It is influenced by your environment, culture, your spirit of adventure, your interests!  

At this stage you might be buying into my  musings on style which makes me being up at 2am all worth it!
So to start off your wedding style inspiration, I know it's a bit clich√©: select 1 object that reflects your style and work around it.

So I have chosen a venue for my style  inspiration. Let's see, I love Reiss, Portabello Road, I live in the village part of my area, understand when to do uber glam,  a mummy, worked in and  around Soho, Farringdon and Victoria.  Are we getting the picture here?

My partner, works in Twickenham,  shops in  Collection of Style, Zara, H&M and Massimo Dutti..... he is a bit private, so I'll stop right here! So do you now see why Babington House could work for us!The bar area, grounds, furniture, and orangery gives you a sense of homeliness, intimacy and STYLE.

Over the next couple of days I'll mention examples of other style indicators that could make your dream day unforgettable and reflective of both you and your partner's style!

Babington House is a private members' club, hotel and spa set in 18 acres of Somerset country parkland

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