Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Bridal Hair~ Hair by Abike

I grabbed a copy of The Daily Telegraph this morning after school runs and for once I found a topic in the news agenda that yelled at me..."Bridal hair". Of course it had to be about the infamous Kate Middleton, but this type of subject deserves some spinning from AandR party UK. A woman's beauty lies in her hair~FACT!  It is something that no bride is allowed to skimp on for her wedding day unless of course your hair is fabulous hair and you really know how to do it.

Something I have noticed about men or our partners in general, my husband  being a typical example, is that they are often averse to dramatic hair style changes. You go for an edgy look at the salon feeling all uber stylish only to be met with comments like" I prefer the way you normally wear your hair." I don't know about you ladies, I instantly get defensive ~ "What do you know anyway?"

Although  feminists would hold to the theory that as a woman, you ought to please yourself, it is equally important to consider you partner's taste, as marriage is afterall two becoming one.You really don't want your partner to feel as though he is marrying Rupaul or Dame Edna. If he is marrying you, we're hoping he still finds you and your hair attractive so why not go for a polished version of yourself with subtle enhancements that will complement your  features and the desired look you are going for on the day. Take me for instance, I am one of the few black chicks that don't religiously do hair extensions, but for a wedding I definitely would go for coiffured look with some hair extensions. Albeit by someone who is talented enough to make it look very natural.

One such person is the talented and very beautiful freelance Hairstylist, Abike.I had met her a while back through a friend and recently recommended her to a cousin getting married and I was just so impressed with her approach. She highly recommends a trial session in the comfort of your own home, during which she offers bespoke consultation on style ideas. Ahead of such a session she gives you all the vital tips.....relax the front of your hair~crucial for afro hair  and so on. So whether you're going for an up-do, side sweep, half-up half down hairstyle always have a trial ahead of your wedding celebration.

 As we sat, ate and laughed  through the trial session, she diligently toiled away......but also managed to reveal her charm and infectious personality. Couple of minutes later, the end result was amazing. She came up with 2 different hairstyles to match the 2 outfits the bride will wear on her big day. Everyone loved both hairstyles and I definitely am in love with HAIR BY ABIKE.

"My passion for hair styling started when I was a little girl, with my precious little Barbie dolls. I would brush their hair endlessly, changing the styles every few hours. I remember being about  10yrs old and curling my hair with rollers I had made out of paper! This grew with me, so as a young adult I always did my hair myself."


Check some of her work~ In Part 2 we will have tips from her



  1. I have heard so much great things about Hair by Abike! *makes mental note*.....Call Abike as soon as potential husband has been 'caught'! ;-)

  2. You really should contact her when you get that marriage proposal