Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Bridal Make up

This blog represents brides  from all ethnicity and so I decided to come up with a really useful post for our austerity chic brides that are not aufait with the world of make up, can't afford a professional or simply prefer subtle DIY make up.

We'll start with the African-Caribbean chicks!!!I saw this flawlessly made up bride via Bella Naija and although I suspect she may have gone for a professional make up artist, I think with some practice our DIY brides can achieve this look. If you prefer to be made under, just go for more subtle lip colours.

via Bella Naija

So I contacted the very inspiring author Sisi of MyModest Mouth, and she was very happy to share her video tutorial on make up practice. She will be doing make up for a bridal party in the next couple of weeks. I'll definitely keep you posted.

Hope this helps.

R xxx

My Bright Face from Sisi Nike on Vimeo.

A few budget beauty tips ahead of your wedding :
  • Invest in Clarisonic Mia brush- for deep cleansing of your face and a face steamer from Argos.  It leaves your face with a glowed up look!
  • Water has to be your best friend! I am not talking sips of water, I mean drink bottles.
  •  Up your fruit consumption, dried, fresh....just eat fruits!
  • Use a good cleanser. I use Clarins when I'm rich and Simple when I am seriously broke 

Alternatively, if you choose to use a professional make up artist I advise that you do 3 things.
  • First, scout around for pictures of the ideal look you're going for. 
  • Book a make up artist  months ahead of your wedding day and always have a trial. 
  • friend.... (here we go again)soon to be wed was advised to go for a timeless look rather than a trendy one as your wedding photographs live forever. You really don't want to look back in regret.Always have a good honest friend around for reassurance ~ you must look hot even if you are going for a natural look!

R xxx