Thursday, 17 March 2011


Silence on Friday the 18th of March 2011...... For the love of Japan

It is not often that I am lost for words and quite literally as I watched the horror unfold in Japan on the 11th of March, I  couldn't find the words to express what my eyes witnessed. I still cannot get enough of the news. Although I personally don't know anyone that currently resides in Japan, I have lots of friends who had taught English as a foreign language there. As I watched the floods, I thought of those students and their families. What made it even more poignant, was seeing a man break down at church last Sunday as he spent over forty years working in Fukishima.

It is heartbreaking and AandRparty UK will not be publishing any post tomorrow - Friday the18th of March 2011. Instead, we will dedicate this day to remember every life, home, dream, memory that was suddenly swept away from our friends in Japan. We are also asking all our readers to kindly make a donation to the below charity. Every little helps and this is our world we can make a difference.

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