Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Real Wedding ~ Jared and Sonal

I am having another shell-shocked moment. A couple of days ago I contacted a long lost friend about the possibility of blogging about his wonderful wedding. I  had seen a couple of his wedding pictures and was completely blown away. The whole wedding epitomised a beautiful fusion of culture and style. So you can just imagine how I felt when he replied to my little Facebook message saying...........

I'm good thanks - super busy, with work and my daughter etc. If you want to write about my wedding feel free - we got married in castle in Florence and our wedding planner sorted out virtually everything for us in Italy and my wife choose the outfits. Do you organise weddings yourself? What are you up to these days?


Typical bloke. I know I'll need some help from his beautiful wife Sonal with a list of vendors, style inspiration and so on. In the meantime, let the pictures speak for themselves.

Thanks for sharing Jared and Sonal and have a happy marriage!!! May your wedding inspire others.
R x



  1. Sooo lovely...love the bridesmaids dresses -simple but nice

  2. I love this wedding, the outfits, cake topper, venue....... everything!!

  3. Am blown away! Am inspired!

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