Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Wedding Ideas- Desserts

Happy Pancake Day

Today has just been one of those days. I woke up feeling unmotivated, deflated and you know the rest. So you can imagine the relief on my face when I realised I had something to celebrate, and "NO" it is not International Women's Day....... It's Pancake day!!!!! 

My journey with pancakes has been rather interesting. After years of deception on what I believed to be pancakes, I realised I had been completely conned by mother dearest. I found them revolting and bland. So when  a friend suggested  pancakes at this cool joint on the King's Road in London, I reluctantly tagged along with zero expectations. Thank God I did and Jackie, if you are reading this, thanks for enlightening me on what pancakes are actually supposed to look and taste like. I didn't even know I could have savoury pancakes with exciting accompaniments. Every now and again, I stop at that very same place -  My Old Dutch.

Today, I look at pancakes in a new light. How can they be incorporated into my obsession with weddings? So I did a little research and found two things. First, pancakes in many parts of the world symbolise good luck. The four crucial ingredients are of extreme significance on this very day, otherwise known as Shrove Tuesday. Eggs represent creation, flour the staff of life, salt for wholesomeness and milk for purity.

Second, I found a UK based creperie called Quick Crepes. They provide mobile catering units that cook classic traditional pancakes at weddings. Therefore I think pancakes along with it's religious significance, will be a great option for dessert at an outdoorsy wedding reception. You just have to come up with some amazing topping ideas.

Add names of guests on the cocktail sticks

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  1. Oh Rugie, the pictures make me wanna eat; I've always liked pancakes & they go very well with stewed/warm strawberries too. (Unsual, but yummy)

    Ta, Angela :-)

  2. This post really cheered me up after the day I had had! They are just so yummy..... hmmm we're such foodies!

  3. The floors are beautiful hard wood and the windows are floor to ceiling. You can bring in any type of furniture or use their traditional round tables.