Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Wedding inspiration and ideas

Inspiration is all around you

Lately, there has been so much coverage on celebrity or royal- led wedding news that I  feel underwhelmed with suitable material to spark real excitement for my readers who tend to do austerity chic. If it's not the Royal wedding, it's the Oscars. So how does this translate?

When I look at the best dressed at The Oscars, I look beyond the price tag of the dress, because that will just depress me. I am looking at the intricacy of the fabric, how it sits on the silhouette , how to find something for different body shapes and how it develops as an inspiration.

With the increase in wedding bloggers today, brides-to-be can now get immeasurable inspiration. But how do you hone in a multitude of inspiration and fit them all in one ceremony.

I am going to illustrate how recent posts inspire wedding styling.Hope it inspires you.We advice that you find an inspirational idea, inject your own sense of style into it, start well ahead and don't overcomplicate things. Less is always more.

With a bit of fine crockery and obviously a nicer vintage car.... this wedding style is off the ground.
Such images lead to you creating your own authentic wedding day. Brides today are not just happy with the bog standard  wedding tradition. They are bringing new ideas that is leaving the wedding industry gasping for inspiration on the go. 

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