Friday, 11 March 2011

Wedding Inspiration


Wow, It's amazing to see how a single image can spark off a bright idea. Let me rephrase, it is amazing to see what you can discover in the underworld of fashion blogs and how it inspires your world. I realised I had to offer something entertaining to my readers as the whole world is still stuck on speculation on the Royal wedding dress designer enshalada. I need to focus on my divine calling -  to inspire brides with authentic ideas and get their imagination on overdrive.

So, wait for this.... I'll get there in the end, I spotted H&M's 70's inspired Spring magazine!!! I was doubly excited as it was the decade in which I was born! Yes, The Nineteen Seventies - the decade of video cassette recorders, Disco music with The Bee Gess, Jackson 5 ........  I could go on!

 As we see more brides going for the retro look... I thought I'd whet your appetite with my interpretation of 70's weddingy things. Have a lovely Friday my lovelies!

via H&M

via Etsy

via Etsy

For him...via Estsy

Via etsy

Disco ball inspired napkin rings via Etsy 

Shimmy in this hottie Sense of Fashion

via etsy

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