Thursday, 10 March 2011

Wedding Invitations by Golden Apple

Beautiful Wedding Invitations by  Leah

If you are into all things vintage, nostalgic and fabulous, let me introduce you to a special lady that knows all about country chic and more. Meet Leah the talented owner of Golden Apple! She provides gorgeous designs and stationary for special occasions and corporate events. She is just one of those lovely finds you just can't keep to yourself and when I approached her on Twitter about the possibility of featuring her work on my blog, I realised that this lady thrives on passion.We absolutely love her work and I am so excited to recommend her!!!

What generally inspires your creation?
The majority of my invitations are created from my hand drawings - I’ll sit down with my sketchbook and a black fineliner and  doodle away until I come up with something cute! The most recent design I came up with was the ‘Summer’ design, which features corn, bees, dragonflies and butterflies - it was a miserable rainy day and I was dreaming of sunshine!
I’m also inspired by all things vintage, romantic and nostalgic and love fabulous, interesting fonts. My bespoke customers are also really inspiring - I love nothing more than hearing their ideas and getting excited about designing something completely new just for them! As all of my invites can be created in any colour scheme so I love trying out new colour combinations

Price range.... highest and lowest. Also are there any special rates for larger requests?

My printed invitations which feature the illustrations are priced by size and shape rather than design, so it’s really easy for you to choose invitations that suit your price range. You can also mix shapes, so could choose one shape for your full invite and then a simpler one for the evening only. You can also add on ribbons if you’d like to.
The hand finished range are all priced individually depending on how complex and how much detail they have. I don’t do special rates as I have priced my invitations as low as possible, and as each item is hand made by just me they don’t get any cheaper the more I make!

Turn around time roughly..........

It completely depends upon your order - for around 80 invitations a really simple design will take around  a week, but complex detailed designs can take up to 4 weeks.
I’ll always let you know as early on as possible how long I think it will take, and update you along the way so that you always know exactly what’s going on!

Leah can be found at Golden Apple

I would like to thank Leah from Golden Apple you for her lovely contribution.

R x

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