Thursday, 3 March 2011

Wedding- Light of my world

Elaine and Albert

This is so surreal to me. I get to exclusively post the first of many real weddings. My coverage aims to  go beyond regional demographics. I just want this blog to be a melting pot of how different people express themselves in their wedding celebration. Elaine was adamant that her wedding should be about lighting. From the church ceremony right through to the reception she followed this through and it certainly paid off as the setting was magical.

When I first met Elaine through a friend, I was struck by her boundless energy. Her laughter, her frisky little movements and as I listened to her more I could totally see why her partner was completely smitten.She lives in London with her partner Albert, but they went home to Ghana for their wedding celebration. Enjoy and Elaine thanks for sharing.

R x
Elaine's story

 "His story which he relentlessly argues till this day is that I was smitten from the day I met him... My story of course being the correct version of events as they unfolded goes like this!

We met at a friend’s house.  A long time family friend to both of us as it turned out, and now married to a very dear friend of mine who is more like a sister to me. I had just landed in Ghana and after passing by to greet my folks, I headed straight over to my friend's house where she lives with her husband, and it was here that Albert and I met for the first time.
We have often reflected on this chance meeting and wondered how it hadn't happened sooner as we are both good friends of the couple! I guess everything happens in God's time.There was a lot of staring...and smiling...but unfortunately not much conversation during that first meeting.  I was a little disappointed at this stage because I had no idea whether there was any real interest. 

So... imagine my delight when my friend who'd been telling me about a guy she'd wanted to introduce me to, told me that Albert was this guy, and that he'd been quizzing her about me......"


Dress: Maria Sotiriou  by Teokath

PhotographyBob Pixel

Cake: Frimpsey
Makeup So Aesthetic

Rings: Asanti

Wedding flowers: Patrick Masoperh


  1. I love the wedding dress- its simple and lovely. The ambience created by the lighting is also great.

  2. Fist of, what a lovely couple and that dress is to die for!!! The wedding seemed absolutely amazing..GOOD JOB AandR!!!

  3. This is a beautiful wedding. I love the wedding rings too.

  4. I LOVE the Bride's shoes
    (No surprise there huh)?

    Angela x

  5. I have to agree with all of you that the couple us absolutely gorgeous! Glad that everyone's found something they like. I like everything :)