Friday, 4 March 2011

Wedding News

My Big Fat Indian Wedding

Lalit Tanwar and Yogita Jaunapuria, are still celebrating their week long wedding extravaganza with over 30,000 guests in Delhi. This was no ordinary wedding. Kanwar Singh Tanwar, the father of the groom, a leading party politician lavished £15million on his son's wedding including a seven seat aircraft as a present to his son. He describes the wedding as "simple" and later stated that"he doesn't see why there's such a hoopla about this marriage."

Guests were entertained with 100 different dishes and received gifts of $500 each, safari suits and silver biscuits. Such ostentation is a big trend in India and is believed to put a lot of pressure on average families who would go as far as taking out a loan to fund expensive wedding favours.

However the political status of the parents of the couple is believed to have raised questions about the justification of such ostentation especially with recent sleaze accusations. Yogita's father is also a leading politician. Others believe this is an attempt to reposition the Gujjar caste which is designated by the Government as socially disadvantaged

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