Sunday, 3 April 2011

Wedding Hats

Today is Mother's day and as you know I am a mum of 2 so blogging is prohibited in my home. However, as I love my readers dearly, I thought I'd share these lovely finds with you so you can sun block in style this summer! I got chatting on twitter with the owner of Lovely's Vintage Emporium, Lynette Peck about how blown away I was with a 1970's Fedora Buckle Hat and I just could't resist the urge to get my austerity chic readers to drool along with me. But guess what guys? They are all affordable!!!!!

This summer, as I stated in my earlier post of being inspired by all things 70's, I shall be donning some seriously gorgeous hats..... I think you should too! Happy Mother's day to all the mummies, aunties and grandma's, soon to be and "thinking about it" mums......... we are all fabulous women!

 Fedora Buckle Hat via Lovely's Vintage Emporium

 via Lovely's Vintage Emporium

OK so this one isn't about sun blocking, but I still love it
 via Lovely's Vintage Emporium

Via River Island

Contrast Stripe weave floppy via Monsoon

Natural Straw hat via Reiss

Natural Straw hat via Reiss


  1. Hat and I just could't abide the appetite to get my acerbity chichi readers to dribble forth with me.


  2. According to my knowledge I think you should too! Happy Mother's Day to all mums, aunts and grandmother, and soon to be "thinking"

  3. As I dearly love my readers, I thought I would share this wonderful find with you so you can suntan lotion in style this summer!