Monday, 6 April 2015

First Dance Song

Today as I cooked dinner,  Robin Thicke's Sweetest Love came blasting through  the radio and I smiled. Certain songs remind me of my clients particularly their first dance songs.

Your first dance song should be memorable enough to evoke such  fond memories even for your guests.

It should be a song that makes you feel very warm inside, one that would make you feel like no one's watching, personal to both you and your partner.

Make sure you play it around your partner at every given opportunity to build up on the mushy effect on the day. Ahead of the wedding  day save your first dance song on a USB stick or on your Ipod. A good Wedding Planner will brief the DJ or band's lead vocalist ahead of the wedding,  run a test during sound check  on the morning of the event to ensure there are no glitches when the moment arrives.

Here are some magic moments only a memorable first dance song can evoke all caught on camera . These are all  images of my clients:

The danced to Robin Thicke's Sweetest Love

They danced to Ed Sheeran's  Thinking Out Loud

 Adorn by Miguel

Photography: Litehouse Photography and Cedric Maya

Lyrics to the Sweetest Love by Robin Thicke

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